KU Art Council (KUAC)

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About Us: 

KU Art Collective (KUAC) welcomes you to join its panel! Providing Kingston students with a means to organise events and have an active voice on campus! Completely driven towards what you want to experience, KUAC will be setting up inter-disciplinary critiques, day trips, collaborations, talks, student nights, zine projects, inductions and so much more. As a member, not only can you enjoy meeting new people that have the same creative interests as you, but will also keep you up to date on what is happening on campus and in London.

To be a part, please do the following!

Step 1) Go to https://www.kingstonstudents.net/societies/a-z-of-societies and find us at Kingston University Art Council to join the society 

Step 2) Like our Facebook page 'KUACPublic' and request to join the private group 'Kingston University Art Council Group'

Step 3) We'll update you on everything you need to know - just turn up! 

Contact Us: 

Email: kuartcouncil@outlook.com

Facebook Page: KUACPublic

SIDENOTE: If you’d like a role on the committee or would like to organise an event (Event Producer), get in touch at kuartcouncil@outlook.com