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About Us: 

Kingston University Young Greens are one of the most active and present political groups on campus. 
Join us to take part in the struggle to combat Climate Change and social injustice across London, the UK and our wider world.
We regularly hold a wide array of events that can appeal to everyone such as debate panels (such as last year’s debate on Islamophobia), film screenings (like our premiere of Cowspiracy), demonstrations (such as the Stop Trident March), and trips to Green Party Conferences, which allow us to network with likeminded groups internationally!
We also work with local Green Party groups across London to do real community politics where we actively campaign during elections and on local issues. Training for this is available and will provide you with valuable skills for any future CV.

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We hope you’ll come and get involved!


Twitter: @KingstonUYG

Facebook: @KingstonUYG