Kingston University Video Gaming, Anime, Sci-fi/Fantasy, and Tabletop Gaming Society (V.A.S.T)

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We are the biggest hub for geek culture in Kingston. Come along to our weekly tabletop game and video games socials, sci-fi and fantasy film and tv show viewings, and anime screenings, or join a year-long Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by a dedicated DM.We also have bowling events, trips to comic-con and our fantastic Halloween party.

For more information, visit us on facebook at and, follow us on twitter @VAST_SocietyKU, or email us at!

Membership: £5


President - Jacob Malamatenios

Secretary - Krishna Jani

Treasurer - Reece Bristow

Head of Tabletop - Daniel Mitchell

Head of Video Games - Goncalo Barros

Head of Sci-Fi and Fantasy - James Dickerson

Head of Anime - Sian Louise Hazelton