Kingston University Adventist Society

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About Us: 

Calling all Adventists, come and join KAS - Kingston Adventist Society! Even if you're not Adventist but you've heard about us or just want to be a part of a family at uni, sign up now. 

At KAS we aim to study the bible together to find out answers to life's big questions, find out more on who God is but ultimately leave equipped to be able to share what we've learnt to others.

We don't just aim to support the spiritual needs but the emotional, social and practical needs of all university student.

We will hold regular sport and social events to help remove the stress of uni, healthy living programmes and encourage academic success.

Come and find us, Adventist or not Adventist, we are a family, and we extend our invitation to you!


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:   @kingstonadventistsociety