Kingston Pharmacological Society

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Are you interested in how drugs work? How does cannabis work on the brain? Can we live forever? Is antibiotic resistance a major threat?


Kingston Pharmacological Society is a newly formed society which aims to provide engaging concepts and ideas within the field of pharmacology. We are an inclusive society, open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in pharmacological topics, irrespective of their studies. We hope to deliver exciting and interesting monthly talks on informative topics in pharmacology, delivered by pharmacology students, lecturers, and guest speakers, with a minimum membership cost of only £3 to join.


We also seek to arrange social events and help life science students expand their network, get involved with employers, advertise internships and sandwich placements, as well as graduate destinations. We also hope to provide support for any life science students, at any level of study, with gaining employment or volunteering opportunities, and helping students with exam revision.


We hope Pharmco Soc is an enjoyable, fascinating and resourceful society for all students. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!



Instagram: Pharmacologysocietyku