Kingston Guitar Ensemble

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Welcome to Kingstons Guitar Ensemble! We are a group of guitarists creating covers of our favourite songs and hopefully will provide entertainment to fundraise for chosen charities! The only requirements are a basic understanding of sheet music or tab, ownership of your own guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Bass) and of course your time and dedication to music.


This is the first year we will be running and we aim to make ourselves known. Meetings will generally be once a week to rehearse chosen music. We hope to perform in the near future but our society needs you and your talent to make that happen! There will also be social events to relax and get to know each other.


There will be multiple parts available to play:

Rhythm, Lead, Bass, Soloist etc


Membership costs £5 and this will cover things such as sheet music costs and printing money. 


We hope to start up in November 2019.


For more information please consult our social media or drop us an email - 

Instagram: @kuguitarensemble