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Club description

The Kingston Fencing club mainly fences epee but we’re planning on expanding to all three weapons.

We have a dedicated couch teaching epee and a vast amount of equipment to get you started.

We enjoy having socials after sessions at the local pub. Friendly matches with local clubs, social outings to national events and competitions are on this year’s agenda.

Training Day/Time

Wednesday’s 6pm-8pm (consisting of warm up, foot work and fencing steam or electrics)

Please arrive 15minutes before session starts and arrive in trainers and jogging bottoms.

Training Location

Tiffin Boys School, Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 6RL

Matches/Fixtures/Event Days:

Numerous Friendlies and Domestic competitions: TBA

BUCS Nationals –      17th – 19th February 2017


Facebook page:  Kingston University Fencing Club