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About Us:

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) is an ancient Chinese cultivation practice that has brought better health and inner peace to millions around the world. It improves one's mental and physical well-being through gentle exercises and developing one's character, according to TruthfulnessCompassion, and Tolerance

There are four standing exercises and one sitting meditation exercise in Falun Dafa. The four standing exercises open the body's energy channels and increase vitality through simple, slow movements and meditation postures. Over time the body is purified, with increased fitness and resistance to illness. After practising people often feel peaceful, refreshed and energized. A sitting meditation exercise that calms the mind, strengthens the energy field and leaves you feeling relaxed and clear-headed. This exercise refines both body and mind through deep tranquillity. 

About our class:

we are having a class mainly located in PR (Penryn Road) and in the quiet room. Once a week and one-hour class. 

What are we going to do in the class?

We are going to teach people four standing exercises and meditation; music and instruction will be given. 

What is the standing exercises and meditation?

1)Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms (Stretching and relaxing movement)

2)Falun Standing Stance (standing and relaxing meditation) 

3)Penetrating the Cosmic Extremes (hands-sliding movement)

4)Falun Cosmic Orbit (movement of the whole body circulation)

the meditation:

5)Reinforcing Supernatural Powers (peaceful and profound meditation) 





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