Cancer Society

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The Cancer society is the first society of its kind which aims to bring support, opportunity and fundraising to Kingston university students. Our main focus is to raise awareness of cancer as well as keep our students educated with the latest developments in cancer research. We will bring together opportunities for students interested in cancer related careers, by networking with alumni and professionals in this field to help provide access to internships, volunteering and work experience for students. The society will arrange talks and conferences with medical and clinical oncologists and research scientists as well as staff at the university to help educate, and inspire interest in this field. There will be opportunities for students to participate in projects which will enhance their skills and experiences they can give evidence of in their future endeavours. An integral part of the society will be fundraising; we will be forming strong links with Cancer research UK and represent all events on their behalf at Kingston University. Our final objective is to offer support through regular group meetings for students suffering from cancer or those who have been affected by cancer. All society members and constituents will be approachable and welcome anyone who wants to talk in confidence or share their experience.

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