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Perserverance, knowledge and passion are a few of the key elements for pursuing a career in research and medicine.


We the Biomedical Science Society, will help you learn those key elements and uncover new ones which are necessary for you on this journey.


What we do:

Interested in getting to know more about the field and careers? Or want to establish new connections in this field?

Students can build new connections through the various social events we have planned, such as conferences, workshops and more.


Our aim to help others is not restricted to Biomedical Science students, we are happy to interact with those within or outside of life science studies.


We seek to help new students interested in Biomedical Science, ensuring that they have a straightforward learning experience through revision sessions and feedback on assignments, presentations and other coursework.


For this academic year we plan on having:

  • Revision sessions for all levels
  • Social events, such as movie nights
  • Workshops, trips and talks
  • Introducing different mediums for learning like watching documentaries and observing known or new case studies.

All in all, we want it to be a fun, exciting and knowledgeable experience.


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Facebook: Kingston University Biomedical Sciences

Twitter: @BiomedKU