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AhlulBayt Islamic Society

The society aims to propagate self-development in the light of Islam. We  aim to provide our members and the wider community with a framework for understanding Islam and it's philosophy, which encompasses every aspect of our lives from sociology, politics and economics, to ecology, psychology and spirituality.

Through the example of the AhlulBayt (the prophet of Islam and his family) we hope to unite people from all walks of life by the universal principles they stood for.

We welcome everyone and anyone with the intention of promoting harmony, understanding and mutual respect in today's diverse society. Whether it's intellectual stimulation or student welfare you're looking for, we are happy to help.


At the AhlulBayt Society we live by the principle, “A person is either your brother in faith, or your equal in humanity” Ali bin Abi TalibTo join our mailing list, keep up to date with our events or for general inquiries..

Email us at: kingstonABSOC@gmail.com

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We look forward to meeting you this year and having many successful, engaging, beneficial events and discussions together.


Membership fee: £3