ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students)

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Welcome to Kingston Abacus!

Kingston ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students) is a society which offers a platform for East Asians to interact - but anyone is welcome.

Our aim is to promote Asian culture in the UK, as well as bring Asian cultures together. We have partnered with the South Korean Appreciation Society (SKAS) to offer more experiences and activities for members of both sides, and wish to extend this to other Asian societies throughout the university. We’re also working in close contact with 8 other  ABACUS societies throughout London Universities, like Brunel, Queen Mary and UCL.


Together, we’ll host intercollegiate events, such as; Asian clubbing nights, competitive sporting events, weekend trips, and an annual BOAT party. As well as this we’ll host our own events, recreational activities like karaoke to trampolining.


You’re not convinced to join? We’ll host dinner parties (like asian hotpot, Korean barbecue) for all the FOODIES out there. With enough support we’re hoping to gain sponsorships, restaurant discounts and more throughout Kingston to help student living. We also offer a 10% discount to ABACUS Clubbing events which are held in Central London. These events are the biggest Asian Clubbing events in London!


Summary of ABACUS

• Parties (Clubbing, boat parties...)

• Dinners (Chinese hotpot, Korean barbecue, Japanese food...)

• Recreational Activities (Karaoke, trampolining, rock climbing...)

• Weekend Trips (Local events, theme parks, shopping outlets...)

• Competitive Sports (Football, basketball, badminton...)

• And more! (feel free to suggest to us)



Kevin Lam (President)

Eric Huynh (Vice President)

Kelly Lau (Secretary)

Samantha Brucal (Treasurer)

Kenny Lam (External Officer)

Vincent Lang (Sports Officer)

Cheryl Ng (Media Officer)