2018/2019 Sport Membership

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How Much Does It Cost To Join?

To be able to join a Kingston University Sports Club a 2018/2019 Sport Membership is required. This membership pays for your insurance, coaching, facility and any other associaited costs to your sport club.There are three types of membership you can purchase to join a sports club these are:

  • 1 full Academic Year Membership (Commences 1st August 2018 expires 31st July 2019) - £50
  • Term 1 Membership (Commences 1st August 2018 expires Friday14th December 2018) - £30
  • Term 2 Membership  (Commences 7th January 2019 expires 31st July 2019) - £30.

Each club has an additional £5 joining fee. This money goes directly to the club's account to spend on it's members and is looked after by the club's treasurer.

The majority of our clubs provide equipment to get you started as well as coaching and instructors. Through out the year, you may be required to contribute towards activity, but this will be explained by the club. Feel free to contact any club to find out more information.