Union of Kingston Students presents...


The Official Freshers' 2020 for Kingston University Students!


this year, we’re going virtual. we’re giving you the same quality events, games, sets, workshops and more that you’d expect from your Union, all to enjoy from the comfort of your new (or old) home.


line up


we’re bringing back some of your all time faves with a new twist and introducing new events you’ll love.

lots of events are FREE (but you’ll still need to sign up to them so we know you’re coming). you’ll need to pay for a few, but we promise it’ll be worth it. and because we’re a non-profit charity organisation (and separate from the uni), all income made from freshers goes straight back into improving your experience as a student at KU.

tickets are limited so get booking now!

and keep your eye out on our website and social media channels, because we may or may not have a few surprises up our sleeves...

Student Opportunities Festival





with over 100 societies, sports teams, communities plus personal development workshops and our student council, we know there's an opportunity at KU for you. come along to the student opportunities festival to find out more about our groups, how to join, what's coming up for the next semester and more.

Virtual cooking class


Monday 14th September


Free! (addons and ingredients can be purchased at a later date)

it’s pizza night part 1 with Orindis - they’re gonna teach you how to make the dough! you’ll need to buy need 500g of strong white flour, a sachet of dried yeast, water and salt. you can purchase this from Orindis for £1.75 each person if you’re in Kingston!

you’ll also need a large bowl, a wooden spoon and a clean surface plus cling film to cover the dough until Wednesday. It is also useful to have a set of kitchen scales and a measuring jug.

Night at the Opera House



Free! (Sign up required)

we're treating you to a relaxing night at the opera house. or are we? settle in for a night of intrigue, mystery, murder and fun, all without leaving your house.

Day of deals!


every tuesday of Freshers

No ticket needed!

just because there’s no Freshers’ Fair this year doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on the deals! our instagram stories will be discount after discount, competition and freebies to last you all year.

want to feature a deal with us? email marketing@kingston.ac.uk

UKS presents: Virtual DJ Night


Friday 18th September


Free! (Sign up required)

all the fun of a night out, less of the queuing in the cold. get those ‘out out’ vibes by staying ‘in in’ with us as we bring you one of the hottest DJ sets around. gather your flatmates, make some DIY disco lights* and throw some sick shapes in the comfort of your own home.

* don’t break anything pls we don’t want you to get in trouble

Vast presents Animal Crossing


Saturday 19th September


Free! (Sign up required)

bringing freshers to your AC island. whether your island’s a structural paradise or you’re still living in a tent, join V.A.S.T. society for an animal crossing social. please note, this game is played on Nintendo Switch

Virtual Night at the Movies


Sunday 20th September

Netflix party

Free! (Sign up required)

grab some popcorn, a blanket and your laptop and settle in for a virtual night at the movies. we’ll be showing some of the latest Netflix releases, and we’re open to suggestions… make it a good one, though (we’ve watched Shrek before and we’re definitely down for doing it again...)

Consent and Society Talk


Monday 21st September


Free! (Sign up required)

one hour talk looking at the legal definition of consent & how that fits into societal definitions. warning: this session will include discussions of rape culture.

Virtual Escape Room


Monday 21st September - Friday 9th October

Virtual Escape Rooms


buy an access code, assemble your team and complete your mission. there’s no time constraint on this one, so you can play whenever you want over freshers.

Consent in sex and boundaries workshop


Tuesday 22nd September


Free! (Sign up required)

interactive workshops giving you the low down on consensual interaction - how to ask, reply, navigate boundaries and much more. we’ll be taking questions from you in advance via Insta, so make sure you keep an eye out. registration essential. warning: this workshop includes sexually explicit exercises and content.

Speed Friending


Wednesday 23rd September



you might be a bit worried about making friends, but fear not – we’ve got you covered. you’ve heard of speed dating… now introducing speed friending. the easiest and quickest way to meet your mates for life at KU.

Disco Bingo


Wednesday 23rd September



it’s like regular bingo. but your favourite songs instead of numbers. tonnes of prizes to be won, so have a boogie on us in your bedroom and hope your song gets played!

got a song you want to hear? DM us @kingstonstudents or pop us an email studentsunion@kingston.ac.uk with your name so we can give you a shout out.

Virtual Quiz Night


Friday 25th September



brush up on your general knowledge and get testing your reflexes because we’re bringing back our much-loved quiz just for freshers, and last time it was COMPETITIVE. get revising (the fun kind, not the degree kind) because the winner will win big! there might be a few surprises too...

Vast presents Jackbox


Saturday 26th September


Free! (Sign up required)

like video games? think you’re funny? welcome to Jackbox. join our V.A.S.T. society for an afternoon of gaming.

Craft Workshop: Rubbish Notebooks!


Sunday 27th September



find how to turn your spare bits of cardboard destined for the recycling bin into a brand new notebook ready for your first semester of lectures in our craft workshop with Cecily Loveys Jervoise. see more of Cecilys work at @cecilylj on insta!

Black Lives Matter: A Talk by Samuel Massiah


Tuesday 29th September



all kingston students' are invited to a talk on Black Lives Matter from Samuel Massiah, being hosted by St Mary's SU. all students are welcome, whether you’re a black student or an ally.

Cougar Chaos presents… Take Me Out


Wednesday 30th September



let the freshers see the zoom call…

kingston cougars and cougar chaos are going virtual with the first event of the year, with a KU verson of everyone’s fave TV show. everyone is welcome to get up onto the virtual stage and prove why they’re worthy of the grand prize and remember - no likey, no lighty! sign up to take part or just watch.

South West London SU talent show


Friday 2nd October


forget X factor and say goodbye to Britain's Got Talent - this could quite possibly be the most hotly contested competition ever created. join us for the battle of the South West London Unions. will it be us bringing the crown home? or could it be Roehampton, University of West London or St Marys? you’ll have to tune in (and vote) to find out…


Grab your KU merch


our shop provides official merchandise for KU students, ranging from hoodies and sweatshirts to stickers and keyrings, so you can rep KU everywhere you go. because we're a non-profit organisation, every penny you spend goes back to helping students. it's a win-win.




a TOTUM card is your ultimate student discount card and proof of age ID all in one. bag yourself a TOTUM card through us today and take advantage of those sweet, sweet student discounts around Kingston.




When is freshers?

freshers takes place over a few weeks, starting on Monday 14th September 2020 and finishes on Friday 9th October.

What’s the difference between freshers and welcome week?

freshers is the Students’ Union’s contribution to welcome week at Kingston Uni.

I don’t know anyone. Can I still attend?

of course! freshers is a great way to meet new people at KU so grab a ticket and be prepared to meet your mates for life.

Will there be any in-person events?

we’re putting a hold on our physical events for now until we can guarantee that you will be safe at our events and we can give you the best experience possible.

Is freshers fair happening this year?

we aren’t having a physical freshers fair this year, but you can still grab a great deal during our day of deals on Instagram, and you can meet our societies, sports teams, communities and student council during our student opportunities festival.

Are the events free?

most of our events are totally free - check out each event for further info.

Why do we have to pay for some events?

because we’re a non-profit charity organisation (and separate from the uni), all income made from freshers goes straight back into improving your experience as a student.

Where do I pick my tickets up?

there’s no need to pick up tickets. make sure you sign up for all the events on this website (even if they’re free), because we’ll email you all the info on how to join nearer the time.

Can I come see you all in person?

we’re SO excited to meet you, but UKS HQ has gone digital for now. you might see a few of us around campus sometimes, but your best bet is to pop us an email or message on our social media channels (you can see those below). we’ll save our in-person introductions until it's safe for us all.

I’ve got more questions!

no problem - we’re here to help. you can drop us an email at studentsunion@kingston.ac.uk, talk to one of our virtual help crew, or message us on our social media channels (you can find those at the bottom of the page)