Elections 2020

we’re looking for campaigners, dreamers, motivators, activists, communicators and leaders to run your Union. is that you?

it’s your chance to be one of the key decision makers that could bring real change to your Union and improve the experience of every KU student. don’t miss out on your chance to have the biggest voice on campus. 

click here to nominate yourself for the elections.

and click here to see what roles are up for grabs.

why should I do it?  

still need some convincing? don’t worry, we can convince you – here’s 7 reasons why you should nominate yourself. 

  1. change some lives 
    you could improve the lives of all KU Students and make your Union a better place. if you’ve got some great ideas up your sleeve, this is the job to make those ideas reality. 
  2. roles for every type of person 
    wanna bask in that spotlight? prefer to be working behind the scenes? luckily for you, the 8 roles cover needs that suit you. find out more on the roles up for grabs here
  3. only happens once a year
    not everyone gets the chance to go from studying straight into leading a charity (that has a turnover of £1.6 million a year – not to brag). There’s 8 roles and this only happens once a year, so don’t throw away your shot. 
  4. flex on your CV
    you’ll develop super important communication and leadership skills, which makes you more employable and puts great experience on your CV. anything to make your CV stand out from the crowd!
  5. make some £££
    with great responsibility comes a salary. don’t worry, we don’t expect you to do it for nothing - our 4 officer roles are paid £22k a year (Trustee roles are voluntary, but still look great on your CV!)
  6. not ready to leave uni yet...
    are you graduating this summer but not sure what you will do next year? nominate yourself for one of our officer roles to work with us for a year - gaining key skills and earning a salary, all without having an interview!
  7. it’s a challenge – but it pays off 
    we’re not gonna pretend it’ll be easy all the time – but at the end of the year, you’ll be able to look back at the changes you’ve made and nothing beats that! 

 Key dates you need to know