every year we give you the power to decide who you want to represent you and run your Student Union. 

between the 25th and 27th of February, 2158 of you voted in our elections, casting a total of 10,206 votes and eating 1224 doughnuts in total – which is about 232, 560 calories! You can check out more stats here.

voting has now closed and you’ve elected the following students to run your Student Union next year – they will begin their post in July 2020. 

Student Trustees 

these are like the guardian's of the Union by overseeing everything the Union does & having the final say on big decisions. 

Mohamed Sghaier - Manifesto

Disha Dikshit - Manifesto 

Leen Salah - Manifesto

Shubham More - Manifesto


Elected Officers 

these are paid to make a difference to your Uni and represent you! 


the voice of the Union and in charge of developing your Union

Feisal Haji - Manifesto

Activities & Development Officer 

they are responsible for sport, societies and other student opportunities and events.

Muna Ali - Manifesto

Education Officer 

focuses on student's educational experiences

Kamal Mohamed - Manifesto

Welfare Officer 

everything to do with student wellbeing

Hamad Momin - Manifesto

a full breakdown of the results can be found here!