Community Groups

Join a community today to meet new people, improve your Uni and create a legacy. 

Communities are designed for students to connect with others who have similar experiences, backgrounds and identities. They provide a space where you can share ideas, discuss issues and work together to improve Union policies and make uni suit you.  

Communities are run by students with the support of the Student Union. Each community elects their own Community Representative, who organise meetings, liaise with the Student Union and represent the community on Student Council to make sure your voice is heard. 

You get to have a say in how your community is showcased by helping us run campaigns, activities and events that celebrate, educate and raise awareness. 

Find your community                                                                

LGBT+ Community BME Community Women's Community
Disabled & Mental Health
International Community Mature & Cares Community
Postgrad & Part-Time
Parents Community KU Cares Community
Professional Practice & Commuter Student Community