Big Student Meeting 2013

At the heart of the KUSU decision-making process is its democracy. Each year in the first term, KUSU holds a Big Student Meeting, otherwise known as the Annual General Meeting.  This meeting hears motions on what KUSU should do in the coming year, holds the Executive Committee to account, and reviews the budget and finances of your union. Any student at Kingston University can attend as members of KUSU.

This year's meeting took place on Tuesday November 26th from 3.30 at the Lawley Lecture Theatre at Kingston Hill

View the minutes from the meeting.


Any KUSU member could propose a motion for discussion - you can find a simple guide to what motions are and how you can submit one here 

The motion deadline was Tuesday November 19th 10am, they must be emailed to

Bruce Armstrong, Kingston University Dean of Students, attended this year’s Big Student Meeting for a Q&A session. 

What happened at the meeting?

Motions that have been submitted by students are debated and voted on by other students. Students can vote on the day for the motions of their choice and motions are only passed if they receive enough votes. Student input at the meeting plays a vital role in shaping the Union and its policies. 

Motions discussed at the Big Student Meeting - November 26th 

*Click on Motion title to see motion proposition




Boycott Starbucks

For KUSU to actively campaign to boycott Starbucks on campus due to ethical issues (taxes)


Boycott Page 3

For KUSU to ban from selling The Sun Newspaper from Union shops


Defending a womans right to choose

To ban all groups from SU events that campaign against a woman’s right to choose abortion


HCSE Name Badges

For KUSU to work with the university to get name badges for Nursing students on placement



London living wage 1

For KUSU employees to receive the London Living Wage



London living wage 2

For KUSU to work with the university to get KU Staff onto the London Living Wage


Unite against fascism

For KUSU to actively support UAF and Love Music Hate Racism by all available means 

Passed with ammendments-Resolves now state -"Proposer to submit a campaigns fund request"


For KUSU to stock and have microwaves on all campuses available for student usage


Immigration Bill

For KUSU to support the NUS bill opposing the up-coming 'Immigration Bill' on International students, and to encourage students to campaign against the bill


Wednesday Afternoons

For KUSU to work with the University in ensuring a much more pro-active response on dealing with Wednesday Afternoon timetabling clashes


Student Social Space

For KUSU to work with the university to ensure social space is available on sights with the aim to get faculty specific social space, and for KUSU to be contacted from an early stage of real estate discussions regarding social space