Big Student Meeting 2012

The Big Student Meeting 2012 took place on 13th November.

Here's a summary of what happened!

Six motions were presented to the assembly at the AGM. Those attending were able to vote for or against each motion and any suggested amendments. Any motions passed that would affect the university would then have to be approved by KU management.

Motion for special leave status for reserve force members

Presented by: Gary Stockwell

The motion outlined the implementation of a system that allows students in the reserve forces to benefit from a special leave status that would allow them to take time out of their university course to perform military duties.

Motion rejected: Students speaking against the motion argued that the university should not have an interest in the military, and should focus on education instead.


Motion for the banning of all Nestlé products at university food outlets

Presented by: Michael Toy

The motion suggested that all Nestlé products be banned on ethical grounds. There is evidence of human rights abuses by Nestlé in less economically developed countries.

Motion passed: Students were in favour of the motion. All Nestlé products will now be removed from SU outlets, and the union will lobby the university to remove Nestlé products from their shelves as well.

Motion for the introduction of an ethical identification system for  products sold in KU outlets.

Presented by: Michael Toy

The motion asked that a 'traffic light' system be used to identify how ethically sourced each product is.

Motion passed, with two amendments: It was suggested that the system should be graded instead of being based on traffic lights. This would allow greater accuracy and easier comparison between products. The second amendment suggested that the grading system be rolled out university-wide. Both amendments passed.


Motion for the provision of wireless routers in university accommodation

Presented by: Sean Kelly

In the absence of the motion's author, Danny Hall, KUSU president Sean Kelly stepped up to present this motion. It asked KUSU to lobby the university to provide wireless internet access throughout all university accommodation.

Motion passed: It was an almost unanimous decision in the assembly. Students in halls currently lack the freedom to use the internet in some areas.


Motion for the introduction of an anonymous marking system

Presented by: Ibrahim Ali

The motion suggests that KUSU lobby the university to implement an anonymous marking system whereby the marker would not know whose work they were marking. The motion was presented as a way around issues of favouritism or racism in marking.

Motion passed: The majority of those in attendance were in favour of the motion, with around 70 per cent in favour.

Motion for the provision of better Muslim prayer areas

Presented by: Ibrahim Ali

The motion asks KUSU to lobby the university to provide more adequate prayer areas for Muslims. The speaker believed that the current provisions are inadequate. Around one in three students at Kingston are Muslims.

Motion passed: An amendment that asked that the prayer areas be made better for all faiths failed. Some students expressed fears that this would take away funding from other areas such as provision for sport and other societies, but the motion passed with a majority vote in the end.