Your new Sabbatical Officers have been announced!

Friday 08-03-2019 - 17:15

A huge thank you to all of our candidates, campaign teams, colleagues and to every student that voted in our paper ballot this week! Over 1,000 of you have been voting in your student representatives to represent you from August.

Your sabbatical officers have now been elected and they are…
President – Feisal Haji
Welfare Officer – Hamad Momin
Activities and Development Officer – Muna Ali
Education Officer – Muhammad Fakhar Muneer

Your 4 new trustees are…
Abigail Grant
Disha Dikshit
Sebastian Stoner
Youssef El-Hana

The NUS delegates are…
Abigail Grant
Fatemah Mousavi
Feisal Haji
Kamal Mohamed
Muna Ali
Youssef El-Hana

Thanks again to everyone that took part!

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