Keep Wednesday Afternoon's Teaching Free Campaign

Monday 17-07-2017 - 16:11
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Most universities across the UK keep Wednesday Afternoons (from 12pm) teaching free so that students can take the time to participate in activities outside of their academic studies.  This is good for students because it means you can meet up with your society, attend BUCS fixtures, get together with your study group, or just generally have an allocated time in the week where you can get involved with another aspect of university life.


Kingston University currently has a policy which recognises and supports this tradition.  Unfortunately however, this policy hasn't been honoured by the university as last year we began receiving complaints that more courses had lectures on a Wednesday Afternoon than ones which did not.  Students were very frustrated about this and passed a motion with a wide majority at our Big Student Meeting (BSM) which requested the Student Union to lobby the university as much as possible in order to achieve free Wednesday Afternoon's for all undergraduate students.


We are still in the process of achieving the resolves of this motion through compiling our large amounts of data to take to a university committee where we can pass this policy. You can show your support by signing this petition.  Alternatively, you can take part in our postcard campaign which asks students to write one sentence to the Vice Chancellor (VC), Stephen Spier, explaining what you would do with your free Wednesday Afternoon.  These postcards will be delivered to the VC to show him that this is an issue students care about.  If you would like to write a postcard to Stephen, come and visit us at our office on the Penrhyn Road campus.  


If you have any questions about the motion, or want to get more involved with the campaign, please contact the Student Activities Officer, Petar Lachev.



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