please note that this information is aimed at providing general guidance for students during for results released during the coronavirus-19 pandemic, it should not be seen as an authoritative statement of policy and procedures. Please also refer to the University Regulations for this here 


due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, the University has invoked its Exceptional Regulations and implemented a ‘no disadvantage’ principle to ensure that students have not been unfairly disadvantaged during this time.   


what is the ‘No Disadvantage’ principle?

the full policy can be found here and in brief, allows students to submit retrospective (late) mitigating circumstances for assessments up to 5 working days after their results have been released. this only applies for assessments taken on or after the 17th March 2020 and now only applies to modules started before the 1st September 2020. the University has now revoked the principle for any modules started on or after 1st September. 

by doing this, the University will automatically be give an uncapped* retake of the assessment in the reassessment period (mid to late august).

the student’s first mark will then be voided and students cannot fall back on this if they do worse in reassessment.

this principle also allows the university to scale marks for individual assessments. 

*only if the original attempt at the element was a first attempt.


what do I need to do to make a retrospective mitigating circumstances claim?  

you should speak to your course team (such as your course leader or personal tutor) for advice and have a conversation about how you did and whether is reasonable for you to achieve better grade if you were to retake.

however, they can’t make this decision for you nor can they guarantee that you will do better.

you should also look at the grade calculator on OSIS to see whether retaking the assessment will improve your module and degree grade.

if you still wish to make a claim for retrospective mitigating circumstances after taking the above steps, this will need to made on OSIS via the your studies tab. you will need to provide a statement about the pandemic has affected you and your studies but you do not need to provide evidence. therefore all claims will be approved.

once your claim is approved, your original mark will be voided and you will not be able to use this if you perform worse in a reassessment.

there is also more detailed guidance from the university on this in your results letters and on the mitigating circumstances here  


is there a deadline to make a retrospective mitigating circumstances claim?

yes, you have 5 working days to make a claim. for example, if your results came out on a Thursday, you have until the following Thursday at 23.59pm to submit your claim.


my marks have been scaled – what does that mean?

during the assessment boards, marks for this year’s cohort of students was compared to previous years of studies. where there has been clear disparity, marks have been scaled.

if this has happened in your assessment, more information will be given to you by your course team and on canvas


I made a successful mitigating circumstances claim already and did not submit the work – do I need to anything?

no, you don’t need to do anything. your claim has already been accepted and you will be asked to do the work in the reassessment period without a cap*

*again as long as the work was originally a first attempt


when the reassessment period is and what will I be excepted to do?

the reassessment period is not moving and is due to take place in the mid to late august period.

the reassessments are likely to be a new piece of work so not a do-over of what you have done before. rules on this do vary so speak to your course team about this before making a retrospective mitigating circumstances claim.

actual assessment dates should be here from the 3rd August and will continue to be alternative forms of assessment (so no formal face to face exams still) and submission dates for coursework should be emailed to individual students.

if you have a Summary of Support Needs and require adjustments, please speak to disability team here as soon as possible.

if you do not have reliable access to a computer and or internet to study, IT services can help. make an IT service desk request and the University may be able to source equipment for you. Again, do this as soon as possible

finally, do keep in touch with your course team about the assessment and getting help on getting the best grade possible as your previous mark will be voided.


what about assessments taken before 17th March?

if you were affected by mitigating circumstances for assessments taken before the 17th March (coronavirus 19 related or not) you will need to make a mitigating circumstances appeal. this is different from the process described above and you can find more information about this on our appeals page and you can seek help from our advice team (details at the bottom of this page)


what about assessments in the August reassessment period, are they covered by the ‘no disadvantage’ principle?

they will be and we are currently waiting on guidance from the University about how this will work. more information will be here once we have it.


I think that there has been an irregularity or bias in the marking of my work, what do I do?  

these fall under the appeal process which is different from the ‘no disadvantage’ principle. you can find more information about this in our appeal pages or you can seek help from our advice team (contact details below)  


is there anything else I should aware of?

if you are on a course that leads to a professional accreditation, then the ‘no disadvantage’ principle may not be possible for you. do check with your course team if you think you are on one of these courses.


I have a question not answered here or I need help in making a retrospective mitigating circumstances claim?

although we are not working on campus, our advice team are still working remotely. you can contact them by emailing we can then either advice by email or arrange a virtual meeting using Zoom or MS Teams.