Elections 2017

Kingston Student Elections are back. Every year we encourage the entire student body to elect their next Officer team, NUS Conference delegates and Student Trustees. These will be the students who lead the Union of Kingston Students and represent you for the year. 

From here you'll find everything you need to know about the Kingston Student Elections including descriptions of the different roles, the process involved in the elections and when the time is ready, the list of candidates, their candidate statements and how to vote.

Use the links to the left to find out all you need to know.

The nominations open online on the 23rd January at 12 noon and closes on 13th Feb at 12 noon. Following this, all the information on the candidates will be made available to help you decide who to vote for. 

You will have the opportunity engage with those standing for election, giving everyone a great opportunity to get involved, get to know the candidates and find out about what people are standing for and why.

Voting will open at midday on Monday, February 20th at 12 noon - allowing you to play an important part in electing your student leaders.

Key Dates 

. Nominations open: 12pm, Jan 23rd
. Nominations close: 12pm, Feb 13th
. Voting opens: 12pm, Feb 20th
. Voting closes: 12pm, Feb 24th
. Winners announced: 5pm Feb 24th