Candidate Statements Tips

For your campaign you are required to write a Candidate Statement.

A manifesto is a public statement of intentions: this simply means you telling people publicly what you are all about. In this case it is also an opportunity to tell people what you will aim to do should you be elected. 

Essentially, your Candidate Statement should state what you would plan to do in your time of office, and what changes you would make. It isn’t an excuse to bad mouth your opposition, or make unrealistic promises. Take some time before you write it to think about what you believe you can achieve and what the voters would respond to.

Some top tips for writing your Candidate Statement:

  • Include your name, a photograph, the post you’re standing for and how to vote
  • Have something you really feel strongly about and have some clear points you want to make. You may need to take some time to think these through.
  • Tell people what has inspired you to stand and what your priorities are
  • Be concise and use clear language. Avoid long, complicated words – you won’t win awards for being clever and you might just alienate important voters.
  • Set out your goals for your time in office and ensure they are realistic & achievable – officers are answerable to the student body who might decide to ask why you’ve not accomplished your goals.
  • Think about what the issues are affecting Kingston students
  • Keep it to a maximum of one side of A4. Voters will want to read what you have to say but not read a book about it. 
  • Be creative and inspiring.
  • Stick to the rules

For examples of what Candidtate Statements can look like, please see our collection from the 2013 election