Campaign Tips

The key to a good campaign is to publicise yourself as much as possible. Therefore you should consider going the extra mile.

Ideas include:

Signs & Posters

Campaign signs and posters are the best way to let people know you're running for office. Decide on a strategy: what should go on them, how many you need and where you will put them. Ensure the maximum amount of people will see your signs and posters.

Student Media

Candidates are encouraged to engage with student media in the run-up to elections,. You can write ‘comment pieces’ on topics that are important to you and your campaign and submit to The River or other student media.  Any comment pieces will be viewed as election material so you should make sure that they comply with the Election Regulations.

Use social media 

Use of social media is really popular during elections but it's hard to convert 'likes' into actions. Tell your contacts why you would be a great candidate; get people to change their profile picture to a message to encourage their contacts to vote for you, upload pictures, start a group or a page etc. See if you can get your name trending on Twitter- whatever you think will reach out to your fellow students.

Make a film

It’s increasingly common for candidates to create a short film showing themselves talking about why they should be elected. You can spread them on Facebook, You Tube etc. Some candidates have sung along to favourite songs or copied famous movie scenes.

Get your friends involved

Your friends can be an excellent network to encourage their network of friends to vote for you as well. Campus is a relatively small place and everyone is connected through friends, clubs and society groups etc   

Because funding is limited for each post you need to be inventive – but remember to check your campaign ideas first with the Deputy Returning Officer by emailing