About Me

Hi there! I am honoured to have been chosen by you to be the Roehampton Vale Officer, and with that, my secondary remit is to Lead on Welfare.

I first came to Kingston University in 2012 through clearing, originally to do a foundation year. I have now recently completed my degree in Aerospace Engineering, giving me first hand experience of the unique struggles & hardships that students at Roehampton Vale experience on a day-to-day basis. With a passion for being at the forefront of the student voice, I became a course rep from day one, and kept at that role right until the end of my studies. I also gained valuable insights into how the university works through working as a Student Ambassador.

In addition, as proof of my dedication, my daily commute to Kingston originates in Essex! So I have first hand experience of the problems students face when they don't live close by.

My Role

My Primary Remit is to give a voice to Roehampton Vale students, who's concerns have traditionally been overlooked. My aim is to push for the changes needed at Roehampton Vale in order to make the student experience just that bit more enjoyable, and to help change the attitude within the upper echelons of the university to end the sense of Roehampton Vale being like an outpost and an afterthought.

My Secondary Remit, being that of Student Life, involves helping with issues around Student Wellbeing & Advice, Faith, Equality & Diversity, and Liberation & Campaigns work. In addition I will be working closely with the Liberations & Campaigns Project Officer to facilitate the running of the new Student Networks, with the aim of providing students from various marginalised groups a place to discuss issues and plan campaigns.

For any enquiries contact me at: