Campaign wins

Academic Campaign Wins

We are constantly working on campaigns to improve your time at University and that obviously covers acadmic issues too! Take a look over our recent wins below:

School of Surveying and Planning- Thanks to KUSU’s efforts, students within Planning courses at Kingston will now be allowed to finish their degrees here. While the school will still ultimately be closing, KUSU were able to help arrange for students to get their opinions and feedback passed on to the Senior Management at KU. In doing so, the original proposal to close the school was changed as a result of the consultation, and KUSU’s determination.

Won Funding for Partnership work with Kingston College – KUSU was successful in a joint bid with Kingston College for £2000 from the National Union of Students (NUS) to roll out the National Student Survey (NSS) ambassador scheme that already runs at the University into the College’s higher education provision. This involves students taking a lead role on talking to their peers about why their feedback is important and what happens to it.

 Changes to the Personal Tutor System – As a result of the feedback gathered at the course reps forums KUSU run about the personal tutor system; a significant number of the recommendations made by reps have been taken on by the group in the University responsible for this area, with information being included in the guide for staff and other new innovations being put in place for 2014/15.

KU WIFI – Significant student feedback and lobbying over the last few years has culminated in KUSU being able to support the efforts of the relevant University department to secure hard won and substantial funding to bring our network into the 21st century and improve the user experience for students.

Changes to Grading of Degrees – Project work involving the Vice President Learning and Teaching, students whose marks finish on the borderline between two degree classifications will now automatically be moved up to the higher available band. This brings us in line with a number of other Universities and will prevent Kingston students losing out compared to other students with their final marks.

New Opportunities for Senior Reps – During 2013/14 KUSU has established 2 key committees made up of our senior reps, one which is designed to enable senior reps to take a lead role in managing and developing the rep system, and the other which involves senior reps discussing and reviewing University education policy in more detail. These groups can now provide a basis for our work in the future.

Ethical and Environmental Campaign Wins

We understand that at Kingston we have a diverse pool of students and that is something we pride ourselves on! We are constantly working on campaigns to ensure we have an ethical and environmentally friendly place to study. Check out some of our recent work below:

Starbucks off Penryhn Road Campus – Following a policy that was successfully passed at KUSU’s Big Student Meeting ‘13, KUSU worked to have Starbucks removed from Penryhn Road Campus. After negotiations with University staff, Starbucks was no longer present on the campus as we entered 2014.

Celebrate Diversity Bids – KUSU has won a bid of £28,500 for three events over the 2014-15 year. Including:

  • Liberation Network = The aim is to create a liberation network which provides training, support, and links to students leading in Liberation areas.
  • Diversity Showcase - Bringing together the cultural and creative mix of students across our campuses we aim to celebrate the diversity Kingston has to offer. This ‘Celebrate Diversity’ event will include a blend of dance, music, spoken word, comedy and other creative expressions.

HEFCE Funding – In 2013 the government was attempting to cut HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) funding, which supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend university. The cuts would have totalled £327 million. However, thanks to Student Unions like KUSU who participated in the ‘Don’t Cut Student Opportunities’ campaign, the decision to cut the funding has now been revoked.

Immigration Bill – The KUSU President successfully passed a motion at the BSM ’13 to act against the Immigration Bill. So what did we do with it?

  • Shared a petition with students to sign up to speak out against the bill
  • Encouraged international students to send letters to their Home Office
  • Sent a letter co-signed by myself and the KU vice-chancellor to local MP Ed Davey
  • Visited Ed Davey with the NUS international officer Daniel Stevens to get him to vote against the immigration bill.

Boycott of The Sun Newspaper in KUSU shops – Following a VERY eye-catching student led campaign, students at the Big Student Meeting ’13 voted for all KUSU shops to stop stocking and selling The Sun in protest of Page 3 and its implications for women in the media.

Green Impact Bronze Award – KUSU successfully secured the Bronze award for the second year running, showing our sustained commitment to meeting desirable environmental standards.

Liberation and Welfare Campaign Wins

We are here to ensure your welfare whilst studying at Kingston and to encourage liberation amongst the student body. Learn more about our work below:

Support and Advice -  KUSU handled 148 total appeals cases in 2013-2014 of which 133 came back successful. This helped students reclaim back £16,850 worth of funding.

Disabled Access at Roehampton Vale – This year KUSU’s VP Student Life has fought continually for proper disabled access on campus at Roe Vale. We’re pleased to announce that the implementation of this access is imminent and will be ready for students in the forthcoming academic year.

Stewardship Funding Project – KUSU has been awarded £1300 pounds to deliver a British Sign-Language course at KU within the next year. This will enhance the experienced of both disabled and non-disabled students at Kingston and further demonstrates our commitment to diversity.

Challenging the Student Rights organisation – KUSU publicly condemned the group ‘Student Rights’ for their Islamophobic attitude towards Kingston University.

Activities Campaign Wins

Being a student is about so much more than just studying. We are constantly striving to ensure you have a great mix of activities at Kingston - find out more below:


KUSU On Tour - This tour was designed for KUSU to reach out to all our students across all four Kingston Campuses to hear what suggestions and ideas you have to make regarding your University community. Throughout the year we (your full time student officers) have visited you to talk with you about current campaign ideas to improve University/Union lif­­­­e and activities, suggestions and improvements regarding education, social activities and way more!

Sports Hall for KU – Over the past year, KUSU’s VP Activities has been working to get a sports hall for Kingston Sports. This year, he has been able to get Student Services and Administration to agree to researching and putting forward a possible business case for a joint venture between KU/KUSU and a local Sports Hall in the Kingston area.

Global Festival at Kingston Hill – For the first year, KUSU had a strong presence with Global Festival at Kingston Hill. Over the course of the week, the campus saw stalls such as the German Society and Somali society spreading cultural wisdom and creation and giving away free snippets of authentic cultural food. Global Festival - Global Festival has now been running for 3 years. It is ‘The world in one week’, where student led societies and groups put on a range of activities during a week long programme showcasing   the various cultures that are represented here at Kingston.