I was elected by the students to be the Penrhyn Road Officer and my secondary remit is to Lead on  Union Development

I am South African, and few years ago I arrived in London with nothing but a suitcase. I am the eldest of 7 children and also the first generation of my family to attend University. I started at Kingston University as a mature student and have just completed my joint honours in English Literature and the History of Art, Film & Design, which means I was a student in both the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I worked very hard for my first class degree, received a gold Kingston Award and worked passionately as a course rep where I ended up winning the award for Senior Course Rep of the year. I was one of those students that actually enjoyed what I studied and liked being at University, so much so that I am doing my MA part time is a course called Gender Without Borders.

In my undergraduate, as opposed to studying the traditional curriculum, my interests were more aligned to cultural studies and I was fortunate that my degree at KU allowed me to study society through words (English Literature) and objects (History of Art).

My final University assignments focused on gender, identity, philosophy, psychology, popular culture, and post-colonial theory all of which enrich my student leadership role.

My Role

I represent Penrhyn Road Students (about 8000 students) and I will use my campus days to connect with all students that study on or around the campus. I am always based at Penrhyn Road, although you'll probably have to find me somewhere in the Union Social Space, a meeting or along the main corridor. 


I found all four of the secondary remits very interesting, however I ended up with the Union Development role. This role allows me to have insight over the other remits as well as giving me strategic oversight of the Union operations. I will work with a strong team of staff to monitor the operational financial performance of the Union. I will also be working with student groups and university departments in order to unite and establish strong connections between them. I believe that the Union of Kingston Students is there for the students and we need to let them know that. 


Over the past few months I have been working hard at ensuring that all members participate in the democracy of the Union and that the know that the Union is there for them! I have also been working hard at ensuring that the relationship between the University (and it's many silo's) and the Union is built and strengthened. I sit in on various committe's and working groups that feed in on enhancing the student expereince. 


I can't wait to meet with all students, not just from Penrhyn Road, but from across the whole of Kingston University. 

For any Penrhyn Road Officer enquiries, or Union of Kinston Student questions, please email: PRofficer@kingston.ac.uk

 or call, T: 020 8417 9000