Knight’s Park Officer, lead on Education

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             About Me

I am an African American international student studying a Masters of Fine Arts course. I come all the way from the great state of New Jersey and grew up between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Lindenwold New Jersey where I obtained my Bachelors in Art with a minor in Education and a concentration in Africana Studies. Currently I am an active artist, activist, and most importantly your new Knights Park Officer and lead on education related issues in academia here in Kingston. Aside from my role here at the university I am apart of the NUS Black Student Campaign as the International Students Representative and a contributor/feature writer for the University of the Arts London's Shades of Noir,  a program that is committed to diversity in the arts. 

If you would like more information on the NUS Black Students Campaign or to keep up with my feature articles please find more information at the following links: and

You can also contact your Roehampton Vale Officer for addition information on liberations and campaigns

About the Job

I am Knights Park direct link to the union and your representative of FADA specific issues to the university. I am here to represent ALL students,whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, international/eu, home, full time, part time, BAME (Black,Asian,Minority Ethnic) student because we collectively represent Knights Park and FADA. 

In this role, I am the lead officer on education related needs of all students on every campus. I channel the voice of students to directly represent ourselves in academic committees with key senior management staff of the university. This includes the deans of each faculty and key stakeholders. I am also the union lead in such areas as the Course Reps, SADRAS, SLLTA, and Board of Govenors where I make sure that all decisions made on the behalf of students are at the best interests of students.