Guide to Motions

What is a motion?

You may have a fantastic idea about improving the way Union of Kingston Students works, or perhaps there is something that really irritates you.  If you want to bring about change in your Union, you can write a motion and propose it to be adopted as policy. Any student is welcome to submit a policy to the Annual General Meeting. Our policies are made democratically and are reconsidered every 3 years.  See our existing policies here.

An example motion

Motion to the Union Council: A Love Affair with Cheese.

Proposer: John Cheese, Engineering

Seconder: Wayne Wensleydale, History

This Union notes:

1. There are over 400 varieties of British cheese.

2. It takes approximately 10 litres of milk to produce 1kg of cheddar cheese.

This Union believes:

1. Cheese tastes delicious.

2. Cheese is versatile

3. Cheese is one of nature’s most complete foods.

This Union resolves:

1. To sell more cheese sandwiches, cheese burgers, cheese omelettes in Union outlets.

2. To play more cheesy music in all of our bars.

How to submit a motion

The deadline to submit a motion to the AGM has now passed. 

Motions may be submitted up to the time of the AGM at the discretion of the chair.  This is usually for when events take place after the deadline date which warrant discussion at the AGM. Any emergency motions need to be submitted to 

No motion submitted cannot follow a course of action that works against the aims and objectives of the Union

If you would like any further guidance, please feel welcome to contact us at