If you have something you want to change, or a cause you want to work with, get in touch to run your own campaign!

Campaigning is all about changing things - whether that’s laws, policies, practices, behaviours, opinions or something else! Students representing other students hold the highest level of influence, as they are the best form of representation! Grass roots campaigning can be more influential than politicians, officers, staff, or other leaders just talking about the latest issue.

The students' union is here to assist you with campaigning activity from start to finish, so if you want to run a campaign, pop in to see the liberation & campaigns projects officer. 

During 15/16, students ran campaigns on a variety of things including the following:

- Sexual Consent 

- Rights for International Students


- Black History Month 

- LGBT+ history Month 

- Grants not debt

- Fair pay in HE for teaching staff

- Bursaries or Bust