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This page will be updated monthly with some student advice and up-and-coming well-being events here at Kingston that you won't want to miss. 


Keep Calm and Study On 

When the exam period kicks off, The Union of Kingston Students is bringing a campaign to you, for you, to keep you as calm as possible in your most stressful period of the year. There will be uplifting messages for you to recieve, free water and fresh fruit and other supportive activities, to let you know that you've got this. 

If you need extra support now, read here to bring awareness of anything that could implicate you in exams: 


If you are too unwell to sit your exam, and are panicking - contact the University GP now. By attending that exam you are declaring yourself in a fit state and nothing can be done to support you after this. However, if you go to your GP now - you have evidence and can sit that exam when you're fit enough to do so. 

Contact them here: 

020 8417 2204

Are you stressed and just need someone to talk to? The Samaritans are five minutes away from the Penryhn Road campus. They offer free tea, biscuits and a confidential chat. 

You can find them here: 

 2 Wheatfield Way, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QS

Or call them here: 

020 8399 6676


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5 Steps to take if you're feeling lonely

Being a student, away from your family and buried in a mountain of assignments can at times feel a tad lonely. Don't worry, it's not just you everyone feels like this from time to time.

So, here are 5 easy steps to help you recognize that you are very much, not alone:

Number one, join a sports club

One of the best ways to spend time with your fellow students, meet like-minded people and boost your serotonin (your happy hormones) is to join a sports club.  There are 37 different sports clubs available to you at Kingston, which means that there are 37 different families that you could join. Sports teams meet weekly which is a great way to regularly take a break from your studies, let of some steam and enjoy great exercise with great people. Each team promotes team work, support and a feeling of community; so even if it seems a little scary at first, joining a sports club can really change your University lifestyle.


Find the sports available to you here: http://www.kingstonstudents.net/sport

Number 2, get involved with a society

We are lucky enough here at Kingston to have every society that you could possibly think of and they are undoubtedly one of the best ways to combat feeling lonely. Societies meet at different points throughout term but often host events, socials, protests etc. where you as a student but also as a person, can feel really involved and connected to others. Societies are especially favorable if you don't see eye-to-eye with your course-mates. Which does sometimes happen however, one of the best ways to combat it is to find a society that you are passionate about and meet compatible people.


Find Societies here: http://www.kingstonstudents.net/societies

Number 3, (and I can't emphasize this one enough) TALK ABOUT IT

We often assume that other people (our flatmates, our course-mates, our families) know that we are feeling lonely. However, it's worth considering that if we've never spoken about it then how can we expect them to know? I know it's a huge cliche but a problem shared really is a problem halved, and the likelihood is reaching out will increase the support that they can provide you but also give you a release. Sometimes it's just nice that our struggles are listened to and understood, that really can make the world of difference. So if you are feeling a little lonesome, let it be heard and helped.


Number 4, volunteer volunteer volunteer

One of the best ways to combat feeling isolated, is to devote your free-time to others who feel lonely too and also need your help. (Because let's be honest it's nice to be needed right?) The Union of Kingston Students has so many volunteering opportunities for students to apply for throughout the year. They range from helping out in residential homes to volunteering in India in the summer. Through doing this you get the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people, from different cultures, backgrounds, ages etc. Turn your loneliness into love and get signed up.


Find about about Union volunteering opportunities here: http://www.kingstonstudents.net/volunteering

Number 5, know your support

As stated earlier, it's very important to talk about how you feel if you are feeling outside the loop. However, it's also important to know who is available to talk to if you can't go to your family or friends.

Your Student Advice team in the Union always have welcoming arms if you need a confidential chat and a point in the right direction. The Samaritans are a fantastic organisation, 5 minutes from our Penryhn Road campus, who are there if you need a confidential chat accompanied by a cup of tea. Nightline are available for any student from 6pm-8am, so if it's the nights that you struggle with, they're there for you.

Just so you know:

Nightline 020 7631 0101

The Samaritans 020 8399 6676

Everyone feels alone sometimes, but there are people waiting to make sure that sometimes lasts for as short as possible.